Jason Silver

Jason Silver

Jason Silver is a big name in the world of dating. Having him as a collaborator for our website is an excellent addition to our expertise. With Jason’s more than ten years of experience in research and coaching, our team has become stronger and more confident in our goal to help people around the world to find their soulmates.

Jason’s journey to becoming a top-rated dating coach began more than a decade ago when he started testing the mainstream dating advice shared by the media. As he quickly discovered, all the tips from magazines and TV shows were worthless. You just can’t trust something told by a journalist who had only a couple of hours to research a topic. That’s why Jason started his own research and based it on science rather than moms’ advice.

Today, he’s a sought-after VIP dating coach who works with celebrities and the nation’s richest 1%. As an expert, he’s been featured on MTV and ABC World News and invited to coach Match.com’s team to increase their expertise. Also, Jason’s YouTube channel boasts millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Everything Jason Silver teaches his audience is backed by authorities in the world of evolutionary psychology and matchmaking. He’s been working closely with people who know how to bring people together for good based on extensive practical experience and relentless scientific research. Jason Silver knows what causes attraction, how to develop it, and how to maintain a romantic relationship between two people. This is particularly important for those seeking a marital partner from another country or culture. With Jason’s articles, you’ll learn how the concepts of love, courting, and marriage relate to cultures around the world and how to find your perfect foreign mail order bride. With his advice, you’ll have a safe and brief journey to happiness with a wife from another country.

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