Best Country To Find Wife


Why Is It Better To Look For A Wife Abroad?

Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes. When you’ve spent your whole life in the US, you grow tired of the ladies with you. Maybe they don’t fit your vibe, or maybe you want a wife who is more traditional and less independent, or maybe you want a wife who just looks exotic.

Whatever it is, the answer is foreign brides. Now, another question you have to ask yourself is ‘Where is the best country to find a wife?’ There’s not any one country, but three major regions you should consider. They’ll be listed below.

European countries

Blonde, brunette, and dark hair, Europe is the land of exotic accents and women who emit confidence. There’s no way to tell which country is the best country for mail order wives, but there are quite a few options for you to go through. If you’re into women with light skin, slender legs, and modelesque figures, you’ll love European brides.

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If you’ve traveled around Europe, you know that no country can rival Ukraine’s gorgeous ladies. As strangers, they may be shy to talk to you. However, as soon as they become friends with you, they’ll chirp your ear off! Their native language leaves their voices sounding angelic and musical, and their accent when they try to speak English is especially cute! Landing a Ukrainian bride is no easy feat. You must know not to rush through the stages. Take your time, and move forward when they feel comfortable, or else you risk scaring them away from you! All the work is worth it though, when you finally have a Ukrainian bride to love you and call your own.


Russian girls are bold when you approach them, and they certainly are straightforward. If they want something from you, they won’t beat around the bush. You’d never use ‘shy’ as a word to describe them. They’re suckers for a good American accent though. If you’ve got a good voice, you can easily sweet talk your way into their hearts! One thing to remember is that despite their boldness and stubbornness, these girls are keen to look after the man they love. Trivial flings and relationships don’t interest them. So, if she decides that you’re the one, she’ll look after you like a mama-bear looks after her cubs. You might even have to stop her from fighting your fights for you, that’s how fierce she can be!

Latin countries

Latina ladies are absolute bombshells. You’ve seen them on the cover of Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Even actresses like Sofia Vergara, who’s from Colombia, are a testament to Latina ladies’ eternal beauty. You want to know which of the Latin countries is the best foreign country to find a wife in, and here are the top contenders:


Brazil is the land of divas and models. If you speak even a bit of Brazilian Portuguese, or even Portuguese in general, you’ll easily have the ladies flocking towards you. Brazilians love confidence, so even if you just barely speak the language, speak with surety and you’ll be popular among them. Brazilian girls adore a man who knows what he’s about, so don’t beat around the bush about your intentions with them.


It’s Sofia Vergara’s motherland, so not much is needed in the way of an introduction. Even 2014’s Miss Universe, Paulina Vega is from Colombia. They have dozens of top tens for Miss Universe, which is an insane amount for any country to have! As far as physical looks go, these women are goddesses comparable to Aphrodite and Persephone. Sure they’re Greek, but the point still stands! Emotionally, Colombian ladies are delicate. They’re passionate about the people they love, and move heaven and earth to keep them safe and happy.


When you think of Venezuela, you think of the Caracas beaches. When you think of the Caracas beaches, you think of Venezuelan women. Any man would be lucky to date one, but to end up dating a Venezuelan bride? You’d have to sell your soul for that sort of luck. Luckily for you, there’s no deals with the devil to be made, when you can easily use mail order bride services instead.

Asian countries

Asia is home to nearly 4.5 billion people. Statistically, this means you’re more likely to find your soulmate here than anywhere else! Besides, if you like dark-haired ladies with petite bodies and an impeccable sense of fashion, you can’t go wrong with Asian brides. Here are some of the best countries for an American to find a wife.

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South Korea

Ever seen a Korean lady in their traditional Hanbok? It’s a sight to behold, and guaranteed to take your breath away. In terms of personality, you can find women who are modern and just like you, and you can find women who are more traditional and set in their way. These ladies are more inclined to the age-old tradition of looking after the family affairs at home, and keeping their husbands comfortable and happy.


These sari-clad beauties are the definition of the exotic foreign look. Walking into a party with an Indian wife arm in arm will turn heads all around, and you and your wife will always be the center of attention. Better yet, Indian ladies are empathetic by nature. They know that there’s more to a man than just his stony exterior. She’ll do everything she can to get to the root of your problems and make your day better. In the worst-case scenario, you won’t open up, and she’ll whip up some tasty Indian cuisine to melt your fears away. It’s hard for a man with a full stomach to be sad.


One of the largest populations in the world, and home to the oriental beauties. These women have been the object of affection for men in the West for decades, and it won’t stop anytime soon. If you love Chinese women and Chinese culture, why not get a Chinese bride? Remember, Chinese ladies don’t date casually. If she’s with you, she’s looking for something serious.

How can you choose the best country to find a wife

With all these choices, it comes down to personal preference. Ultimately, every man already has an idea of what his perfect wife is like. Why go through the trouble of finding a girl and forcing her to fit a mold that doesn’t suit her, when you could easily find a lady who matches everything you’re looking for? As a man, you know what you want from your wife emotionally and spiritually. You know what you want from her in the future in terms of your family life, children, and even the place you choose to settle down in. Even with physical features, you know what kind of women do it for you and which ones don’t.


All you need to do is read about the different countries listed, and see which of those ladies fit your criteria. Beyond that, each girl is unique, and the only way to know if she’s the one is to talk to her, and eventually be with her in person. If everything goes well, you’ll return home with a beautiful foreign bride!