Successfully meeting a Chinese order bride is a challenge. Locals are chasing for their hand in marriage, not even mentioning how many foreigners want to get acquainted with them. However, Oriental bride mail websites are here to help. Scoring a chance to create a loving family with your dream Chinese girl is easier than making a cup of tea!

List Of Chinese Dating And Mail Order Bride Sites

Over 700K users
69% men
31% women
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Over 300K users
60% men
40% women
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Over 300K users
61% men
39% women
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Over 300K users
60% men
40% women
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57% men
43% women
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65% men
35% women
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Why do people use Chinese wives online websites?

Using mail order sites are recommended for the following reasons:

  1. Mail order wife websites are filled with women who want to get married. On dating platforms, women usually look for short term affairs or flings, instead of a sturdy relationship.
  2. These services usually have lots of special features which makes communication a breeze.
  3. Using a Chinese mail order wife dedicated network makes browsing the numerous profiles easy. This is because you won’t be burdened by the task of having to sort through profiles of ladies from countries you’re not interested in.

How to properly use mail order bride Chinese platforms?

We assume that your main goal is not hooking up. Rather, it’s finding a Chinese bride and settling down with her for long. Then, mail order bride services work the best for you! The majority of such agencies have simple navigation and usually present you with similar features. The list below goes into detail about main features you should know how to get a grasp on. Read this up and you`re free to sail off:

Registering an account

As soon as you open the website, you’ll see a form to fill out. This is the application to sign up. Fill in your email ID, date of birth, name, and a username of your choice. Once this is done, you’ll have access to the website.

Getting Premium membership

Most features on such platforms are locked to premium members. You can become a premium member by purchasing credits. These credits can then be exchanged for services such as the ability to send messages, make voice and video calls, and purchase gifts.

How to personalize your profile?

Once you`re with the sign-up procedure, create an account. It`ll be available for all to see and read, so make sure to make it count. Add details about your daily life. Mention your biggest passion, hobbies, education/work, etc. Don`t forget to write down a couple of sentences about preferences in women and what criteria you`re looking for in your mail order bride with Chinese roots!

Expanded list of features and enhanced search engine

Finding a beautiful single Japanese girl to your preference now takes only 20 seconds. Improved search engine includes filters on age, children, eye/hair color, languages spoken, habits, and other cool tools.

Mailing presents to your Chinese wife

There`s nothing better than showing affection through gifts. With the help of mail order platforms, members can buy various presents and send them right to China mail order brides` doorsteps. No need for alternate purchase methods! These sites have encrypted payment systems for comfortable use. Just use the credits on your account to buy your Oriental bride a sincere gift. Show your beloved girl you truly care about her even from thousands of miles away.

Mail order bride Chinese catalogue: famous ladies

Enough of describing these dazzling women on paper! It`s time to google some of the hottest representatives and see what`s waiting for you on Chinese mail order websites!

  • Angelababy. All-time favorite Chinese baddie on the Hollywood screens, Yang Ying is a professional actress and model. Her face and a strong character conquered millions of movie fans. She`s one of the ladies who`s responsible for the Chinese bride fever.
  • Fan BingBing. This woman doesn`t know how to age—she was a sex symbol in her 20s, she`s still a hot topic among international Chinese bride lovers in her 30s. What can we say? A perfect woman!

What unique features and traits do Chinese brides online possess?

chinese women

Mail order bride Chinese knows how to get fun

Single women from China are gurus in entertainment, so your family life won`t be gray and boring. Probably, your beloved adores ping pong, which is the most popular game in her country with around 300 million constant players. Additionally, girls are into basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Apart from sports, Chinese ladies spend time singing, dancing, and doing other hobbies. With such a positive and active lady, your dates and family life will be interesting and exciting. To fulfill your dreams, find a Chinese wife online!

Friendly and well-behaved

Chinese wives online can`t live without constantly keeping in touch with their friends and family. Coming over for dinner, ladies always bring some small gifts (cake, fruits, cigs, etc.) Such unimportant (at first glance) presents let hosts know that guests wish “xin yi” (blessings.) When coming over to your mail order bride Chinese, bring a small present for the etiquette.

Open to new religions and beliefs

Modern China is a multinational country, so local girls are facing different religions every day: from Islam, Buddhism, and Catholicism to Taoism and Protestantism. Single Chinese order brides don`t put too much time into religious acquaintances. This helps avoid conflicts about differences in religion on a daily basis. If you want your future lady to be open-minded and ready to accept your religion, Chinese brides are the top choice.

Are Chinese ladies amazing spouses?

Girls from China are the top-tier when we`re talking about the spouse rating. Here are the facts to make you start looking for Chinese women right now!

They teach you to relax

Chinese mail order bride is focused on harmony in everyday life. It isn`t an empty word, she tries to keep balance between different life spheres without stress. This beloved adores relaxing in spas, as there are numerous hot spots in her country. Chinese mail-order wives appreciate restoring inner peace with foot massages and beauty treatments. Having such a spouse, you discover a rose petal bath at your home with a charming lady waiting for you there. Doesn`t it sound attractive? Get one of these brides and enjoy any moment of family life with her.

They fill you life with a joy

Energetic Chinese wives online become ideal spouses thanks to the ability to have fun. With such a partner, you never get bored. Do you like board games? The three most popular board games in China are Weiqi, Xiangqi, and Mahjong. Probably, your soulmate adores one of them. Nothing allows building bridges between people better than having a great time together with laughter and positive emotions. Also, these girls adore dancing and singing in karaoke. Your spouse will teach you everything you need for it. Forget about boring weekends and sitting in front of a TV screen!

Housekeepers are their middle name

Deeply-rooted Chinese traditions expect local women to make home comfortable and fill it with love and joy, while husbands create wealth and bring food home. Once Chinese girls turn 9, they`re taught how to keep the house not only clean, but also add a caring atmosphere. Chinese wives know the art of making husbands want to come back home as soon as possible!

They’ll take care of your appetite

They say that it’s impossible for a man with a full stomach to be upset. If that’s the case, no man married to a Chinese wife will ever experience negative emotions. You won’t find them slaving away in the kitchen, but they always go out of their way to surprise their hubbies with exquisite Oriental dishes like Peking roasted duck, dumplings, hotpots, and plenty more! You’ll never want to eat out again, when you have home-cooked food this delicious!

They bring you comfort and attention

Affection is a fundamental part of a healthy relationship. China mail order brides will do their utmost to be there for their partners. Sure, physical affection, like hugs and kisses, is amazing. But have you ever gotten a cutely shaped breakfast in bed? Girls are usually the ones who receive presents. However, Chinese women are pampering their husbands with emotional support and nice gifts as signs of immense love.

How to behave and interact with Chinese mail order wives?

Foreigners like you are interested not only in how to find a Chinese wife but also in how to behave and find a common ground. Bear in mind that these ladies prefer to keep a distance and not touch people they don`t know while interacting. Hugs are acceptable only between good friends and couples but not in public. To show your attention and politeness, maintain direct eye contact. Additionally, shrugging shoulders and winking aren`t common gestures for these women, so they aren`t always understood.

Are Chinese mail order brides hungry for money?

Absolutely not. China is in the top 5 richest countries in the world, with 95% of the population having an above-average salary. This country does its most to provide residents with necessities and more. Girls in China are brought up in peace and prosperity, so meeting someone just for their thick wallet is considered a rare occasion.

An average Chinese order wife has finished one or more universities, has a well-paid job or has built her own business. Money isn`t the problem for local ladies, they`re looking for true feelings and sincere intentions.

How to date an Oriental bride?

Dating ladies seems easy, but not a lot of men know how to woo a single Chinese woman in a certain way to make her feel on cloud nine. When things are escalating and you want to secure the relationship, playing your cards right is vital. To keep it chill and collected, read through the list of useful pointers right below to find Chinese wife and win her heart over:

  1. Banter will play an important role in your relationship with an Oriental lady. In Chinese culture, verbal communication is the most vital. You won’t have a shot at a future together unless you and your wife can communicate openly.
  2. You must be open to new experiences. Eastern culture is vastly different from the West. You can make your Chinese mail order wife happy by being enthusiastic at trying parts of her tradition, like the local cuisine or taking part in regional festivals.
  3. Satisfy her neverending curiosity. In the same way that you must embrace her culture, she’ll be excited to embrace yours. You have to go out of your way to show you care.
  4. Consider their superstitious nature of a mail order bride Chinese. In China, couples never give a watch as a gift, as the phrase “give a watch” – “Song Zhong” (送 钟) is a homophone to “送终” which means “to look after a dying person.” Would you like to surprise a soulmate? Prepare some cute gifts like flowers, sweets, or jewelry, but forget about clocks. Knowing about her interests, you choose the best thing to make her happy.
  5. Stay restrained. Willing to find a Chinese wife, men should be reserved. These ladies are well-mannered, so they stay calm even when having negative emotions. Showing affection or aggression in public leads to the loss of face and decrease of respect among surrounding people. A guy who doesn`t control anger rarely finds trust in the ladies` eyes. Don`t show the affection signs in front of people, better choose a more intimate place for hugs and kisses. Additionally, wait until she touches your hand or kisses you.
  6. Find ideal compliments for her. Chatting with a future Chinese wife online, choose the best compliments which are appreciated in China. These women are focused on their look, following special trends. Among them are long legs, porcelain skin, and big eyes. Telling about these traits to a beloved, you have all the chances to conquer her heart. She`ll be glad to hear from you these pleasant words.

In conclusion

It was never easy finding a Chinese wife for sale, up until mail order venues became popular. Now, life is so much easier for Western men who’ve wanted a taste of the Oriental. You don’t need to go to Chinatown or chase after uninterested girls when you have a plethora of mail order wife platforms dedicated to finding the best bride you could ever have, as easily as possible!

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