Have you ever thought of marrying a Romanian woman? Sounds like a great plan! But do you know at least a single bit about these women? Here, you`ll find out some useful insights on how to get a Romanian lady to fall in love with you, as well as some tips on their main virtues and the possible challenges you may face while dating a Romanian woman. Time to have a deeper look at them!

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What are single Romanian women like?

Romanians are the target of many grooms around the world. They`re extremely charming since they combine features of different ethnicities, and it makes them look mysterious and seductive at the same time. Apart from their extraordinary beauty, their virtues like kindness, helpfulness, and open-mindedness never let men go. But what else can Romanian girls give you, and why should you marry one of them?

The main advantages of Romanian women for dating

Romanian ladies are among the most hospitable and easy-going women in the world. They`re a combination of Slavic beauty and Turkish friendly character which makes them very helpful and open. They`re great cooks and seamstresses, you`ll need to try their signature sarmale and mamaliga, and get an embroidered shirt from a local market.

Plus, Romanian girls are very sporty and especially love dancing. Since a lot of gypsies come from Romania, many locals know their native dances like Hora. Ladies can impress you by how rhythmic and lively they are. Apart from these, Romanian beauties are keen on sports and try to keep fit all the time, even after bearing several kids. They always look amazing!

Finally, Romanian women are smart. Over 98% of women are literate and know at least one foreign language at a basic level. Hence, they`re quite successful at work, more than a third of managerial positions in Romania are held by women. Girls love discussing art and music, traveling, and experiencing something new all the time, so you`ll never get bored with them.

Looking for Romania mail order brides: online and offline options

There are 2 ways to search for single Romanian women: on the internet and actually in Romania. Most of the Romanian migrants all over the world are moving into different countries illegally or just are a bad match and unfortunate people, according to the locals from different countries. Hence, it`s better to find a perfect lady in the country itself.

Romanians are hospitable and friendly people who don`t mind having a drink with their friends or relatives. Although men love drinking more, Romanian women like to have an occasional drink with friends either. That`s why you can meet lots of beauties at a nice bar on Friday night. Other cool spots for meeting single Romanian women are arts and crafts stores where the workers and the creators of most things are women. Romanian ladies love creating something and giving a symbolic meaning to everything so if you express some interest in their crafts, it will melt their heart.

If you`re still not sure or can`t fly to the country, Romanian dating websites and social networks are just what you need. You can discover beautiful Romanian women and get in touch with them from the comfort of your home. Have a look at what their lives are like, what they`re into, and how do Romanian girls position themselves to other people. After this, apply to a mail order bride website so that you can contact only the girls who have the same life goals and interests and can be your soulmate. Communicate with them at any time and get to know the best ones better, so that you`ll exactly go there to meet a perfect lady.

Difficulties of marrying a Romanian woman

One of the biggest challenges of dating Romanian ladies is keeping up with their character. Romanian girls are passionate but hot-blooded and sometimes too tough. These women can be jealous or even a bit angry if they see other girls around their men. They surely do this because of deep devotion and love so you better get used to it and let your lady know she`s still the best woman in the world.

Another issue you can face while dating a Romanian woman is their over-caring attitude. Since Romanians usually have big families, everyone has to be treated equally well. That`s why when there`s only you, your partner will try to take care of everything in your life. This is great but sometimes very tiring, so try to explain that you can figure those things out alone and let her have some spare time for herself.

Pros and cons of dating a Romanian woman

Like any girl in the world, Romanian ladies have both pitfalls and strong sides. Figure out if single Romanian women are what you need!


  • Romanian girls are hot and passionate.
  • They love kids and usually want a big family.
  • Romanian ladies are great cooks and housewives.
  • They`re adventurous and fun.


  • They can experience culture shock when moving to your country.
  • Romanian girls are stubborn.
  • Ladies from Romania can be hot-tempered and jealous.

Dating a Romanian woman is a big adventure and an awesome lifelong experience that`ll make you happy for a long time. Try your luck and start the search for that very special woman.