Everything About a Mail Order Bride

What is a Mail Order Bride?

A mail order bride is a woman who advertises herself in online marriage agencies catalogs with an aim of getting marriage proposals from foreign men. From mail order bride meaning, it can be taken to be a marriage of convenience. Where does the term come from? As the name suggests, this arrangement deals with long-distance marriages. It involves countries where women outnumber the men by far extent prompting the women to seek their dream men on mail order bride sites.

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So, if you are a single man out there looking for a foreign wife, order brides online this is the best option for you. Lots of mail-order brides move from their native country to a foreign land every year for the man of their dreams. The USA saw around 13k women from Asia, 5k women from Europe, and 2500 women from Africa and South America settle in the country thanks to mail order girls in particular. Are mail order brides still a thing? No doubt the mail order bride practice is getting more popular, and thus, you can be interested in learning more about mail brides and how you can get them, so this article is what you need!

What kind of women are mail order brides?

You’ll start seeking your future wife abroad, and thus, you need to come up with a legitimate platform that’ll offer a wide range of mail order girlfriends to choose from. Besides, only top websites can ensure real results.

It`s important to understand not only how to find a mail order bride but also what positive features you`ll benefit from getting her. The majority of women listed on trusted websites have a range of common qualities worth your attention, and when considering types of mail order brides, you need to know the following:

  • They`re an exquisite blend of the latest trends and centurial traditions.
  • These women possess a gorgeous appearance and pay much attention to intellectual growth.
  • Mail order brides make excellent housewives and add spice to intimate life.
  • These ladies are ready for having kids and make unsurpassed mothers thanks to their developed maternal instinct.
  • Every overseas bride is determined to build a romance, wish to experience that outstanding feeling of being needed and appreciated, as well as bathe their partners in the pool of love and care.
blonde mail order bride

Where do beautiful mail order brides come from?

The majority of ladies seeking love online come from Ukraine, Russia, Sri Lanka, India, South Korea, and the Philippines. Believing in love across the distance and cultures, young and seductive foreign mail order brides are ready to dive into traditions of another society and assimilate. These countries are English-speaking, so foreigners won’t face any communication issues. Some girls belong to areas where English isn’t compulsory at schools, but at least they know some basic English. Dating websites represent the best countries to find a foreign wife with the most gorgeous and open-minded women.

Is getting a mail order bride online legal?

It’s not hard to define a mail order bride, as it’s more or less clear for many men. But the problem starts with the notion of how you can buy a mail order wife online. Is it legal to buy a mail order bride? Interestingly, the problem here is misunderstanding and the confusion that a word of ‘buying’ might arouse.

What does it mean to buy a bride?

You simply pay for the services of mail order bride platforms. In this case, you’re expected to pay for the following:

  • Chatting
  • Sending mails
  • Sending gifts and flowers
  • Getting the contact details
  • Using translation services
  • Video calls
  • Matchmaking and searching tools

You’re expected to buy these features from the platform. Thus, when considering the mail order bride price, you need to take into account this fact, and one day you might be a part of success mail order bride stories.

Legality of mail order brides

Once it’s clear when it comes to ordering a bride online, you need to consider the legal aspect of mail order brides in general. Such services are legal in many countries. But there are places where mail order brides are illegal, like in the case of the Philippines. But there are always ways to overcome such issues.

Can I get mail order bride in USA?

If you’re a US citizen and plan to get a mail order bride, the good news is that you can do that hassle-free. Still, you need to know that if you’re determined to bring your lady to your country, you’re expected to marry her within 90 days.

How to order a bride?

If you plan to get your mail order bride, you need to consider the following 3 factors:

  • Online dating aspects: this is the first step, where you pick a site and register. Then, you create a profile and start looking for an ideal match. You spend time and finances until you’re determined to focus on a single lady.
  • Offline dating aspects: after some time online, you might need to meet in person. You can visit your lady. This is a critical step where you can decide whether you want to continue, or you might need to find someone else.
  • Arranging the wedding: the last step comes after you make up your mind. Once you’re determined to continue, you’ll have to deal with migration docs to invite your lady as your future wife. After, you just need to plan your wedding

Why do women become mail order girls?

Ladies become mail order brides for different reasons. Much depends on the origin of the woman interested in becoming a mail order bride. When combining all types of causes and motivation making girls become online brides for sale, you can see 3 classifications:

  • Financial: seeking a better life outside their countries is what really motivated mail order brides. They seek a more financially stable life with husbands who can afford them. Going abroad is a chance for new perspectives and even career pursuit for those ladies for marriage. 
  • Social: there can be problems with local men like shortage of them. Some women become victims of domestic violence, which is another prevalent problem in some developing countries. What’s more, ladies from more conservative places are forced to marry. So, seeking a husband abroad is a chance to get rid of such problems.
  • Personal: why not become a part of the new country and culture? It’s also about learning new things and languages at the same time. Besides, marrying someone abroad is a real opportunity to travel and see new places. This is a personal motivation of mail order brides seeking husbands abroad.

Mail Order Brides Divorce Rates

‌According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), marriages statistics with mail order women online appear to have lower divorce rates. One of the evident reasons—you get a wife from a country of high family values.‌

How do mail order brides work?

Willing to discover a compatible man for dating and family life, young ladies become foreign mail order brides and join reputable mail order bride platforms. The majority of these sites require passing verification to prove women’s identity. Girls list their actual emails and wait for the approval link. Then, they create profiles, filling them with personal details, dating preferences, and attractive photos in a high resolution. To attract lots of men, they put effort into making their accounts look presentable and descriptive. Some sites ask for more documents like ID or driver’s license to verify their identity and ensure they don’t have criminal records. When it comes to using mail-order bride agencies, beautiful foreign brides should pass an interview and customize an attractive profile. After getting an account and the opportunity to get in touch with men, real mail order brides begin looking for likable and responsive men online.

For getting a mail order bride, guys may apply elementary options for no cost. Using them, it`s possible to order a bride online acquainted with the mail order bride sites before paying for extra services. Make new contacts every single day with the most suitable ladies to discover the best one. The websites are an ideal solution for foreigners who lack a gorgeous and interesting lady. Why? These platforms supply them not only with mail order bride info but also with a range of effective solutions and opportunities like the next:

  • Costless browsing and joining
  • Free access to singles` accounts and
  • Descriptive girls` profiles with high-res photos
  • Fast search and navigation
  • Real and virtual gifts function.

To find a foreign bride, men apply the website`s options which can be free or paid. With prime functions, they enjoy a boundless interaction with singles, access to mail order bride info,  and can buy mail order brides faster. When the price seems too high, consider that it`s an affordable investment in a chance to start a life-long romance with a desirable woman you can`t find in your area.

Stereotypes about mail order brides

Despite the clarity of mail order bride meaning, there are many stereotypes connected with these women. Let`s look through them and debunk these myths once and forever.

  • Mail order brides are treasure hunters. Naturally, a man`s financial state is important for every woman who looks for stability, security, and happiness. But it isn`t the primary characteristic in search of a partner. Newwife.com features hundreds of legit mail order brides expecting sweet emotions, romantic affairs, and a happy family life with a loving partner.
  • Order foreign brides are uneducated. The majority of ladies you meet online are intelligent and have a higher education because it’s highly valued in their countries. Having good qualifications and successful careers, they want to improve and change their life for the better with a loving and reliable partner. Often, they miss a man’s respect, shoulder to cry on, and attention.
  • You want to get a mail order bride but meet a scammer. There are men who look for how to find a foreign bride and get trapped into dating scams. However, it`s enough to be careful, learn more about the interlocutor, and prefer to communicate with validated girls on trusted platforms to avoid this nasty experience. It`s more an exception rather than a rule in the mail order bride industry.
  • Having a mail order girlfriend is a type of escort. This is the most popular misconception about young ladies seeking husbands online. Male order bride meaning and concept has nothing common with escort or prostitution. Everything this woman wants is to find a man looking for serious long-term relationships and dreaming of a family with kids.

How to buy a mail order bride?

Getting a wife abroad might be costly, and there are many ways of how to order a bride online. For example, why not benefit from romance tours, which are so popular nowadays? Still, if you seek a better alternative of where to find mail order brides, you can benefit from dating agencies online that can give almost similar services. In other words, if you plan to order brides online, you need to consider finding top mail order brides on special websites where you can easily get your future wife. Your discretion is a must when picking a proper and prestigious place where you can find the lady of your dreams


The majority of men worldwide have wonderful dating experiences leading to successful dating and marriages. To find a mail order bride, the best advice is to use the maximum of available online dating perks and get in touch with several singles simultaneously. You don`t have such a great chance in a real-life, so use a unique opportunity of buying a bride and settle down with an ideal lady looking in the same direction as you!

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