Are Mail Order Brides Legit? The Answer Is Here

Mail order brides have been known for centuries but there are men who still believe this concept of finding partners can be illegal. In fact, there`s a part of the truth in these doubts, since some countries don`t approve of getting wives in this way. However, this is more an exception rather than a rule because mail order bride legality has been recognized in many countries and even confirmed by laws.

Legit Online Dating Sites And Mail Order Brides Services

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Does your country consider mail order bride legal?

There`s good news since the majority of countries don`t ban lonely people to look for partners abroad. People can register on MOB sites and the operation of such matchmaking companies is allowed at an official level. However, these online platforms should follow basic safety rules and provide their clients with a good level of security.

Are mail order brides legal?

Yes, single ladies guys meet on top-rated mail order bride platforms are legal. These websites require newcomers to complete the verification procedure to check the identity. They ask to list only true data and actual email. A site administrator checks all the details girls leave and block any fake page. Such places doesn`t sell young singles and provide a high-level team that does all the best to protect users from bots. On some sites, men notice a verification sign on each account, allowing them to get certain they interact with real and legal brides.

Why are mail order spouse illegal? Possible considerations

The main reason why so many people doubt the legitimacy of mail order wife platforms is the name of this service. There`s a misconception a woman can be ordered similarly to any goods from an online store and delivered by mail. Naturally, such an attitude to people is unacceptable since human trafficking is forbidden all over the globe. But does it have anything in common with mail order brides? Nothing, in fact.

Mail order bride services are provided to people who express their own personal desire to fill out the profile and add some personal details in order to increase chances of finding a partner. They can choose people to communicate with themselves and decide to respond or ignore messages sent to them. Every man can join the platform, browse girls` profiles, and start an interaction with some of them.

How to make sure that your beloved is true and legal?

Although the mail order bride industry is flourishing today, some newbies to online dating still have doubts. Are mail order spouse illegal? There are certain laws protecting men and ladies from illegal activity, abuse, and violence, but the best defense is common sense. Before popping the question, try to know a soulmate as much as possible. Stay interested in her habits, relationships with friends and parents, health, and financial status if it`s essential for you. Try to check her background and values before she migrates to her country.

Also, guys may check the information with the help of a marriage broker handling your romance. Try to arrange one or several dates before marriage to know each other better. In case of some doubts and questions like is mail order bride legal, consult a local lawyer or immigration center to feel more protected. Choosing a place for a search, read all the information about the marriage agency to get convinced that mail order brides there are legal. Avoid services promising you can purchase a lady because reliable agencies don`t offer singles for sale.

Mail order bride regulations by country

Though it may seem that there aren`t mail order bride laws, some countries have not only introduced laws to regulate marriages with foreigners but even protected women who move to another country .

Mail order brides is a legal way to create a union

Willing to settle down with a foreign fiancé and bring her to your area, guys face paperwork regarding the visa application. To make a lady`s arrival in your living place legal, she needs to get a bride`s visa. The term and requirements differ from country to country. Complete all steps in accordance with all laws in your area. Doing everything correctly and in time, you won`t get into stress and complications. After obtaining all the documents, a man marries a single in her country. In case of any questions, it`s possible to consult the migration company in your city. Getting a visa for a foreign bride has nothing in common with buying a lady. It`s an important step, proving the mail order bride legality. Following all the rules, the process of relocating a desirable girl runs smoothly and painlessly.


It`s absolutely legal for the US men to buy brides, since men pay for communication services with girls. Moreover, the adoption of the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) forced men to pass strict background checks, especially criminal ones. Women who arrive in the US are also protected by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) from domestic violence.


The government of the country used to have immigration laws similar to the US ones, but some changes have been applied with time too. In 2002, men were forced to guarantee sponsorship to women they bring to the country. Since 2011, new arrivals have had to complete 2 years of conditional residentship before being considered Canadian citizens.


Men have no obstacles to bring brides from other countries to the UK. However, they should be ready to pass through a strict legal process when they decide to nationalize the woman in the country.

Are mail order brides real and legal? As you could perceive from this article it`s absolutely lawful to order brides in the majority of countries and lonely men should take advantage of this unique opportunity since it`s the best alternative!

Are mail order brides illegal everywhere?

If you’re wondering about mail order bride legality all over the world, the process is completely legal and even welcomed in most countries. You can meet and chat with foreign women online. Continuing that with in-person dating, and marriage is allowed and normal as well. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to anything and this includes the question “Are mail order brides legal?”

Are mail order spouses illegal? Is mail order bride legal? Almost anywhere, even in smaller countries, the process is legal and supported. What you might find surprising is that the Philippines, the country with lots of mail order brides, doesn’t allow this process. The country has an Anti Mail-Order Bride Law which prohibits women from the Philippines from marrying men from any foreign countries, or any business that provides such services.

Nevertheless, there are many loopholes that women from the Philippines use to get past this law and you can find lots of them on mail order bride websites too. They’re most eager about marrying American, South Korean, and Canadian men. Nevertheless, even if you’re not one of those, every woman has her own preferences and tastes so you always have a chance of striking well!

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