Traditional Couples Vs Mail Order Marriage Statistics: Who Wins?

Mail order marriage platforms began to spring up on the internet. For those unaware, mail order sites are platforms where men who are too busy to commit time into a relationship can order their perfect brides. There are a variety of online dating platforms with beautiful women looking for their dashing partner and men that what to order a wife and start to life happy life together.

Online Dating Platforms And Marriage Sites

Over 350K users
72% men
28% women
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Over 350K users
69% men
31% women
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39% women
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Mail Order Bride Marriages Worldwide: Success Rate

On average, the mail order bride success rate varies by around 10 to 20 percent. Overall, the mail order bride divorce rate is somewhere between 5-15%. Taking the infographics from various dating websites and agencies into account, 100,000 to 150,000 users sign up on such platforms each year. Approximately 4% of women (~6000 people) successfully meet a partner and move in with him. However, a substantial number of young single women can`t meet a respectable husband in their countries.

Yet, another mail order bride statistics poll on a particular dating platform surveyed approximately 600 American single males who provided 206 replies. These gentlemen are mostly of European roots, well-educated, and financially independent, as well as true pros in their field of job.

Another mail order bride marriage statistics survey on a similar service obtained 206 responses from around 600 American men. These participants generally originate from European countries. They are financially secure and professional in their work-related activities, holding a prestigious degree.

Another poll conducted on a similar service found around 600 American men who received 206 responses. These men are generally of European ancestry, well educated, financially powerful, and professionals in their work sector.

How Many Mail Order Marriages End In Divorce

Yet, statistically, a marriage with a mail order bride has more chances to last than overall marriages in the US. The mail order dating period usually lasts for about 4-5 months, and the divorce rate is between 32.6 and 43.3 percent, while a regular marriage has almost 50 percent.

Most Widespread Countries for Dating And Marriage

While it is possible to find a mail order bride from any country, there are a select few countries where a large number of brides arrive from every year. These include most East-Asian countries (China, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.), some Slavic countries like Russia, Ukraine, and some Eastern European countries like Poland, Georgia, etc.

The Philippines in particular, encompasses an enormous number of the listings from Asia. Even though the bride order services have been outlawed in the country since the mid-1980s. Along with the other common Asian countries brides, there has been a recent uprise in mail order brides originating from Slavic countries like Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

In another survey conducted, emails sent out to around a hundred mail order platforms found out that girls from Russia were the most likely to get married to American men. The percentage varied from website to website, but around ten to forty percent of successful orders on the website were for Russian brides.

Filipino marriage to Western men is also common using mail order dating platforms. It is estimated that around 10 percent of all marriages between Filipino women and Western men occur due to such platforms. This should show to the large extent at which such services are used!

Do mail order sites still exist?

Other than the obvious fact that these sites exist due to demand, there are a couple of reasons why such platforms are booming in recent times. One of the reasons is because of the increasing income gap that is present in third-world countries. These women are using dating platforms to find a rich partner who will treat them well. These women can leave the endless cycle of poverty they have experienced for most of their lives.

Another reason why mail order sites are becoming increasingly popular is due to the increasing urbanization of modern life. It is harder than ever to find a partner in places unless you commit time to go on social activities. Mail order brides are a good solution to that problem. This is because it reduces the time commitment a man needs to find his soulmate.

How many people use such services regularly?

It is a common conception that mail order bride services are used by very few men who are desperate. Today, it is easy to dispel that notion with all the statistics provided by the services and from polls. For instance, did you know that over 10,000 marriages a year are recorded by men using the service and women who are registered with the platform? 10,000 is an extremely large number that most people don’t expect.

Also, most platforms have a plethora of women waiting at their disposal. Some sites showcase over 450 gorgeous Russian women in their portfolio. Certain agencies report that they often serve over a thousand different men searching for a bride each month. Each person using such platforms pays about 200$ each month for services, so you can see how much such agencies make.

Around 2700 mail order services operate around the world, with the majority of them sporting an online presence. This is according to an article published about the increasing popularity of such agencies.. This might help paint a picture of how prevalent these services are in the world.


In brief summary, mail order bride agencies are much bigger than most people expect. They also provide a variety of services that the average person might not be aware of. The increasing popularity of such services can be attributed to a multitude of reasons. Firstly, most lives in modern society tend to be hectic. This makes it more difficult to find meaningful time to establish connections and relationships. Secondly, these platforms are also a way for women who are in strife conditions to escape their lives. They can move in with a partner who cares for them.

Mail order bride services exist to help men who do not have the ability or time to go out and socialize. Hopefully, the stigma of using dating agencies to find matches erodes over time. In any case, you should go out there and use these services if you need them, and make sure that you are living your best life!

Jason Silver
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