Mail Order Wife Price: Average Mail Order Bride Budget In One Article

To get all the information straight, you`ve got to keep in mind some factors. First, where your mail order bride is from. Second, your aims and the bride’s expectations. Finally, the amount of money you can spend. These are the top three elements of mail order bride pricing. Surely, your desire to spendthrift on your gorgeous future wife will go through the roof, but minding your finances is vital! Here`s an article that will show you all the important details about ladies and mail order wife cost.

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Is the price of mail order brides the same as purchasing a girlfriend?

Numerous platforms and websites are crammed with promises to share the prices of mail order brides with you. Still, this doesn`t mean buying a woman and paying to get her attention, love, and care. Single dazzling ladies aren`t lifeless things that you can just buy.

The days of actually purchasing foreign brides have gone long ago. Instead, a modern mail order bride service provides an opportunity for single international men to invest in online dating platforms created for hustle-free international connections. Men purchase a selection of effective services. That is, they pay for a chance to become the happiest guys alive with gorgeous women of their dreams sitting next to them. However, this has got nothing to do with buying a wife online. Avoid sites promising such services!

How much does it cost to look for a mail order bride?

The first stage on your way to a happy marriage is to meet the woman who`ll make a perfect partner for life. Men should remember the majority of MOB websites don`t charge money for registration and viewing profiles. However, communication tools are usually available for additional fees or credits that must be purchased for real money. Consequently, the first amount of money on your way to the final goal is spent on interaction with women. These are insignificant sums ranging from a dozen to several hundred dollars. The amount depends on the means of communication, an order of additional services, number of messages sent, etc.

Having serious intentions, become a full-fledged site user to enjoy all the online dating benefits. As a free visitor, your communication options are limited. You may only receive messages and view profiles. With prime participation, your chances to find a soulmate increase. The price of mail order bride depends on the particular website and perks it offers. Men usually pay for the next solutions:

  • Unlimited chats and instant messenger
  • Video chat
  • Virtual and real gifts
  • Romance tour to a girl`s country
  • Private ladies` content in accounts.

Basically, dating platforms supply users with a membership plan for a creation period or credit packages. Premium online participation is in the range of $ 80-650 per month. With a credit system, you can select the preferred amount of a virtual currency and use it only on functions you need. The average cost of mail order brides can`t be too low, as you pay for high-quality and safe solutions for interaction and entertainment. Instead of surfing through free websites with suspicious accounts and chatting with possible bots, choose a top-rated site with a good reputation and paid services.

If you`re lucky to buy a bride online rather quickly, you can go to the next stage of your relationship — organize a trip to meet her. This is a more costly stage since only a flight and accommodation will cost you around $1,000, and there might be many other expenses in the foreign country too. Therefore, consider different factors that may impact the budget of your trip and the process of bringing her to your motherland.

How much does a visit to mail order wife costs?

The price of a mail order bride mainly depends on her location:


A two-way ticket to Asia costs approximately $1,500. If you decide to bring your new gorgeous bride back with you, add another $750. That`s a relatively huge amount of money, but no reason to get scared!

A two-week stay at a nice hotel in Asian countries is far from expensive, compared to the USA. It`s easy to come across a great flat/room for less than $500! Breakfast is included, so you only have to eat 2 more times. Due to the lower price for living, going on dates and buying food is much cheaper. So, the remaining substantial amount of money you`ve got left to spend on is the flights’ cost.

In the worst-case scenario, you`ll end up spending $3,500-$4,000 on visiting Asian mail order brides. Remember, this doesn`t include expenses on getting a K-1 visa for your spouse (necessary for her to come to the US with you.)

Eastern Europe

Two-way tickets to Easter European countries cost approximately $1,000. Furthermore, coming back with your new stunning wife adds an extra $500 to the bill. As is the case with Asia, the price of living here is much lower than in America. A high-class hotel room for two-week stay costs around $600-$800.

On top of that, eating out is definitely affordable, so you`ll have no trouble taking your beloved lady to an extravagant restaurant.

The maximum a trip to an Eastern European or Russian mail order wife can cost is $4,000. Obviously, you are free to treat your beloved one and spend as much as you can. That`s completely your choice.

Latin mail order bride price

Getting a partner from Latin countries may be cheaper for Americans because you’re geographically closer. Thus, flight tickets come at lower prices. For example, going from New York to Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) is, on average, $400-500 for a round trip. Flight from Dallas, Texas to Mexico is about $250-300. However, if you’re from Europe, double or triple that cost. 

Westerners usually find hotel prices in Latin American countries cheap or, at least, affordable. For example, a one-week stay in a nice Colombian hotel is about $1,000. But that’s in case you want to launch out. $400-500 is also enough. You’ll need about $200-500 for food and activities. 

Thus, if to sum up expenses for a trip, you’ll need about $2,000.  An overall Latin Mail order wife price (that also includes dating platform services, presents) is about $3,000-4,000.

How much does the marriage and ceremonies with a mail order bride cost?

If things come along nicely, a marriage ceremony is perfect for securing the deal. The cost of this event depends on what you and your wife want. You can go for a simple and quiet wedding or go as far as a full-on luxury marriage party. It solely depends on your taste, so switch it up and see what works best for you two. Anyway, what are the approximate prices in different countries?

According to Insider, the most expensive ceremonies are in the United Arab Emirates (around $185,000), Australia ($70,000), the UK ($35,000), the US ($34,000), and Canada ($30,000). 

Residents of European countries don’t waste so much money on a wedding affair. The average numbers look as follows: Greece, Spain (around $19,000), the Netherlands ($17,000), Russia ($15,000), etc. Asian and Latin American weddings can be much cheaper, for example. It costs $12,000 to party in China and around $9,000 in Mexico.

However, let’s make it all clear again—you can easily avoid luxurious celebrations and organize a family holiday with the closest friends and relatives with a minimum budget. It all depends on your desire.

And finally, the K-1 Visa cost

The K-1 visa, AKA the Fiance visa, is necessary to take your bride/wife back to your home country for a period of 90 days in order to get married. After your marriage is registered, your spouse can apply for adjustment of status to obtain legal permanent resident status. The visa cost ranges from $265 to $600, depending on additional translation fees and services that may apply. Regardless of which country your mail order wife is from, the visa’s cost is the same.

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Factors that impact an average price of mail order brides

It`s impossible to count the total mail order bride price without considering all possible factors influencing it. If you`ve met a woman of your dream online, seen her face-to-face, and decided to take her to your native country, there`re several things to take into account when calculating mail order brides pricing:

  • The distance between her current location and your dwelling. The bigger it is, the higher cost of the flight you`ll have to pay for.
  • Accommodation: you can get a hotel room, rent a flat or bring her directly to your home. The last variant is the cheapest.
  • Everyday expenses: meals, dates, other necessities. Cooking at home can save a good deal of budget in comparison with meals served in restaurants.
  • Visa, translation services, and other documents.

So, how much is the final cost?

Thus, your expenses will probably be the following.

  • Dating platform. About $200-300 per month for a mid-range site.
  • Dating expenses. $50-300+ per month for presents and flowers.
  • Trip. Approximately $2500-5000 for flight tickets, accommodation, food, activities.
  • Visa. $265-600 for K-1 visa.

If to sum that up, you need $6000-8000 for a period of six months ($1000-1400 a month) to find, date, and personally meet a foreign girl. 

So, average cost of a mail order bride in total amount will be around 10 000 -20 000 USD to find and bring your mail order bride to USA.

The cost of your wedding ceremony can vary and depend on what you choose (on average, $10.000-50.000). 

How to reduce mail order bride price?

Don’t let mail order brides prices make you anxious about upcoming expenditures. There are many ways to save your money.

  1. Accommodation. Stay at her place and save about $200-1,000. If it’s impossible, choose cheaper hotels. There are many of them that are clean and nice, but not that new or located further from the city center. Read the reviews.
  2. Flight tickets. Plan your trip in advance. The earlier you book, the cheaper the tickets’ cost.
  3. Food. Go to supermarkets and cook at home.

You can reduce the price terrifically if you go for cheaper options and don’t splash money on luxurious hotels and Michelin restaurants.

Prices Of Mail Order Brides To Conclude

It would be beneficial to keep in mind that these costs are only for meeting your bride and spending time with them in real life. There will be other costs leading up to this meet, and it would be beneficial for you to try and keep account of how much that costs you, in addition to the final price. With that said, best of luck in finding your dream wife and making her your own!

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