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Just like there are different people out there with very different personalities, one can easily classify wives based on how they behave and treat their husbands. Other factors can also be used to differentiate between the various types. In this page, we shall go deeper into explaining what these archetypes are.

Along with this, the reader can use these classifications to decide who would be their perfect match and how to find a wife online. So, without much further ado, let us delve into the different types of wives men marry!

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Wives based on temperament

This talks about the different temperaments that different women have, whether it be towards life values or towards how they treat their husbands. Do note that classifying wives is a broad topic and thus, many of the possible classifications might be generalized.

The overprotective wife

This is the type of wife that will look over everything you do. Whether it is a blessing or a curse is for the reader to decide, but every decision made by the husband will always be watched over. Overprotective wives also tend to not allow their husbands to go on journeys they are not intimately familiar with. You will not be allowed to go out with friends, watch TV late at night or do anything that she doesn’t approve of.

Older wives tend to this pattern more often than younger brides. Wives from countries with more traditional values also tend to have this temperament. Namely, countries like China, Japan, Bangladesh, and other South/East Asian countries.

The obedient wife

The obedient wife is a trait many husbands often look for when searching for their dream partner. She will always listen to the man and will make sure that he is treated to the best of her capabilities. She will never disagree with your sentiments and intentions. She treats you like the leader of the family at all times.

This also means she will ask your permission anytime she wants to do something. This could also be a good thing or bad because she tends to not be independent. She will ask for your help in household activities and makes sure that you are the only deciding authority in the house. This leads to her being closer to a maid than a life partner.

More meek and mild brides are found in poorer countries where girls tend to have a rougher upbringing. Countries like Chile, Vietnam, Cambodia, Venezuela, etc will have a lot of girls who fall under this category.

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The companion wife

This archetype of sentiment is one of the most common types of wives that men desire. You can talk about anything in the world with a companion wife. She will listen to all your problems calmly and will never be distressed or angry. She will comfort you when you get angry. The companion wife takes great care to make sure you live in a great home and keeps contact with close friends and family all the time.

These wives will be your pillar of strength in times where you are unhappy. This type of wife will guide you to the right decision, but will also listen to any request you ask of her. All in all, she is the best type of wife a man can marry.

These types of women are uncommon in most countries, but they are found in rich and developed areas where traditional values are respected. This includes places like Russia, Poland, Japan, and other Eastern/Western European countries.

Wives based on age

It is also possible to classify wives based on their age. While this is unconventional, it provides a great way to see how personalities change over time. Below listed are two of the common ways to classify wives based on their lifespan.

Young mail order brides

These are pretty ladies aged between 18-35 years seeking for a foreigner for a long life marriage commitment. These ladies are willing to relocate and live in another country. They often seek for a Western man to marry and have the aspiration to travel all around the world with their partner. They are also exuberant and out-going and a lot of them make the perfect companion wife (as described above).

These women also tend to have radiative looks that turn the eye of every man in the room. These types of mail order brides are common from many countries but prevalent from places like Russia, China, Mexico, Brazil, etc.

Mature mail order brides

Mature mail order brides are often above the age of 35. While they may not be as beautiful as their younger counterparts, mature mail order brides are often better wives in other ways. These are women with some life experience seeking for lifelong marriage commitments. Mature mail order brides hope to get their life partners from mail order wife sites. Some of them have no inhibition to get married to a guy older than them.This makes mature brides the perfect partner for older men. Most of these mail order brides are also actively seeking marriage and are the perfect choice for a man who wants to start growing a family.

These types of women are also common in most countries, but they are prevalent from conservative countries like Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc. Finding a perfect mature mail order bride may be the best outcome for a man looking for his dream family!

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It is hard to categorize women because of the multitude of personality quirks and attitudes that most mail order brides display. However, these broad categories should encompass most of them and provide a more in-depth look at which type of wife matches the personality that is desired by the user. Overall, getting a mail order bride from any of these types is a great idea for a lonely man looking for some companionship!

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